We keep Columbusmoving forward.

How to ride COTA

Going out? Take the bus.

It’s simple. It’s safe. It’s cheap. Here’s a quick guide to get you going.

plan your trip

Plan yourtrip. 

Our online planner is an easy way to start. Just tell us where you are, where you want to go, and what time you want to be there. We’ll plot out the best route for you.

show up early

Show upfive minutesearly.

COTA runs on schedules, so be a little early to make sure you catch your bus. It’s like showing up early to the airport — except it’s only five minutes and we’ll let you keep your shoes on.

bring cash

Bring $2.Cash. 

Cash: it’s the easiest and quickest way to pay. If you need to make a transfer, just ask your driver for a transfer ticket. You can also buy a full-day pass on the bus for $4.50.

signal to stop

Signal tostop. 

There’s a bright yellow cord above the windows. When you’re ready to leave, just pull the cord and the driver will let you off at the next stop.

keep moving

Keep moving. 

You’ve arrived. Now the rest is up to you. All we ask is that you exit through the back door to make life easier for the folks getting on the bus.

Experience Columbus

Choose your next adventure.
We’ll get you there.

There’s a lot to do in our fair city. Need some ideas? We’re on it.

The Night Out 

Need a designated driver?
We’ve got you covered.

The Sports Nut 

Go where screaming, crying, and all-around emotional outbursts are 100% acceptable.

The Saturdayin the Park

Who doesn’t love some quality time with nature?

The Tasteof Columbus

Columbus is a foodie haven. Let’s find a dish to suit your palate.

The CultureHound

It’s time for some arts and sciences in your life.

The World’sa Stage

Columbus is a major destination for world-class music, drama and film.

Trips this month:

The Night Out

Need a designated driver? We’ve got you covered.

There’s a bevy of great brewpubs and taprooms around town. Here’s a sample flight path for your next night out.

Gateway Film Center

Featuring a well-curated lineup of blockbusters, indies, docs, and locally-grown films, this spot can make a movie buff out of anyone.

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Express Live

It’s your ticket to hear the hottest bands in the summer breeze. Outdoor concerts rock though September.

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Order up some mac n’ cheese and check out what’s making noise on the local and national music circuits.

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Seventh Son Brewery

Craft beer is rising in Columbus. Start your tour of the town’s best breweries on the corner of 4th and 4th.

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Hollywood Casino

The ride back home will cost $2. (You can roll the dice on everything else.)

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16+ Bit Barcade

Eat, drink, and play all the free classic arcade games you can handle — from Pac Man to Punch Out.

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The Sports Nut

Go where screaming, crying, and all-around emotional outbursts are 100% acceptable.

Huntington Park

Summer is ideal for seventh-inning stretches. So buy a bag of peanuts, and root, root, root for the Clippers.

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Ohio Stadium

Team up with 100,000 fellow Buckeyes, all ready to trounce that school up north (again).

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Schottenstein Center

Home to Ohio State basketball and hockey, plus concerts and events year round, there’s never an off-season at the Schott.

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Nationwide Arena

You focus on grooming your playoff beard for the Blue Jackets’ Stanley Cup run. We’ll take the sting out of game day traffic.

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The Saturday in the Park

Who doesn’t love some quality time with nature?

Grab a book at the Columbus Metropolitan Library, then make your way to the Topiary Park, Franklin Park Conservatory, or the Park of Roses.

Goodale Park

Swing by Victorian Village and take a stroll through the oldest park in Central Ohio. They just don’t make ‘em like they used to.

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Whetstone Park

We should all find time to stop and smell the Roses. Luckily, we have more than 350 varieties here in Clintonville.

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Tuttle Park & Recreation Center

Jump off the bus and onto 43 acres of open park space, with a tennis court, playground, swimming pool and tons of fun for all ages.

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Topiary Park

Have you ever seen foliage sculpted into a famous painting by George Seurat? If not, you need to check it out.

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The Scioto Mile / Bicentennial Park

Stretch your legs along the riverfront, from the Arena District to the Whittier Peninsula, with an idyllic getaway in the heart of the bustling city.

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The Taste of Columbus

Columbus is a foodie haven. Let’s find a dish to suit your palate.

Go ahead and nurse your food coma on the ride home. We won’t judge.

Jeni’s Splendid Creams Easton

Known for its craft flavors—like Intelligentsia Black Cat Espresso—Jeni’s will leave you wanting more than nine lives to get your fill.

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North Market

Navigate your way through more than 30 local food and specialty vendors. (An actual compass might come in handy).

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Thurman’s Café

Burgers so big we’ll save you an extra seat so you can stretch out on the way back home.

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The award-winning wine cellar features over 600 selections. (Good thing you’ve got a designated driver.)

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Hudson 29 Upper Arlington

What’s the 29? Might as well be the days per month you’ll crave this Cameron Mitchell classic.

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Schmidt’s Sausage Haus

Make your way to this Columbus landmark, with food so authentically Bavarian that Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by every single year (true story).

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The Culture Hound

It’s time for some arts and sciences in your life.

Spend a morning with Monet and Wiley at the newly renovated Columbus Museum. Walk down to the Thurber House for some literary inspiration. Finally, feed your curiosity with an afternoon at COSI.

Wexner Center for the Arts

If contemporary art is cool, The Wex is pretty much the Patti Smith of Columbus.

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Franklin Park Conservatory

Whether you’re into the Butterflies or botanical gardens, get your daily dose of nature right here.

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Columbus Museum of Art

Renovated and ready to show one of the finest art collections in the country.

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Joseph Editions

Art is anyone’s business. That’s the vision of celebrated collector Ron Pizzuti when he founded this exciting fine art collection.

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Columbus Zoo & Aquarium

Going to this national treasure is a quick bus ride up Route 33. Come find out what’s up Jungle Jack’s sleeve this year.

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The World’s a Stage

Columbus is a major destination for world-class music, drama, and film.

Whether you’re in the mood for Miles Davis or Maurice Duruflé, all you have to do is choose your show time and we’ll help you escape for a few hours.

Palace Theatre

This majestic venue is modeled after the Palais de Versailles in France, so every seat is fit for royalty.

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Ohio Theatre

With more than 100 unforgettable shows every season, this one’s perfect for your next night on the town.

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Southern Theatre

Since it opened in 1896, The Southern has been proof that the oldest venues can still draw the hottest acts (and pack the biggest punches).

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Shadowbox Live

What keeps our theater scene fresh, fun, and original? The answer: Shadowbox Live.

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Funny Bone Comedy

Need a good laugh? This Columbus institution is a go-to stop for some of the most hilarious comedians in the business.

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The Drexel

Catch an evening showing or a matinee at Central Ohio’s hot spot for independent film.

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